Cajun Groundhog Day

Gifts Etc. is located in New Iberia, Louisiana, USA.  We are very proud that our pieces are hand decorated here in New Iberia and we love our hometown.  Most of our items are marked with our logo which includes our hometown name, New Iberia.  You may ask, “Where is New Iberia and what makes it special?”

New Iberia is in Iberia Parish in southern Louisiana.  Even though we are a coastal parish we do not have the white sandy beaches but marshes.  The marshes are homes of a variety of animals including nutria.  Lots of things make New Iberia unique.  One of the biggest is Pierre C. Shadeaux, the Cajun Groundhog.  Pierre is a nutria.   Punxsutawney, Pa., is known for Groundhog Day with their beloved ground hog, Phil.  People gather to see if Phil sees his shadow to predict if spring is coming soon or if winter is going to stay around.  Pierre is the celebrated nutria who appears annually in Bouligny Plaza to predict if we will have a spring or a long summer.  According to Pierre C. Shadeaux who appeared today and saw his shadow,  we are skipping over Spring and are going to having a LONG HOT SUMMER.  With summer coming soon, that means off shore fishing is not far away.  So we might as well get ready with our great pieces featuring fish art by Larry Fowler.



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