Take Your College Tailgating Party to the Next Level with Branded Products for Prepping and Serving Food & Drinks.

The start of the school year also means the start of tailgating! Football season kicks off in the fall, and the tailgating fun doesn’t end until after baseball season in the spring.  It’s never too soon to start stocking up on supplies for those long days and exciting nights of tailgating fun. Check out these great tailgating necessities that will showcase your school spirit and make you the envy of everyone around you.

Gameday Cooking

One of the biggest responsibilities of any gameday party host is prepping and cooking up delicious gameday foods. Start your food prep with these tempered glass cutting boards. These branded cutting boards are durable and easy to clean, while also serving as a spirited, decorative piece at any tailgating party.

562_2    607_2

Forget using messy paper plates or paper towels to place your cooking utensils aside between stirs. Instead, use this easy-to-clean porcelain spoon rest that can hold most conventional-sized cooking utensils.

362_1.jpg     5482ullrc

Everybody knows the key to good eats is good seasoning. Branded salt and pepper shakers are a snazzy addition to your seasoning collection.

363_1      637_1

While the meal prep may be the best part of the tailgating fun for the chef, the best part for the guests is the eating and drinking!

Gameday Eating

Impress your tailgating buddies by serving their eats and treats on branded porcelain platters and trays.  These easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe serving platters come in a variety of sizes to fit your serving needs. No need to buy foil or paper serving platters that you are only going to throw away.

556_1            627_1

The same goes for anything you serve in a bowl. Add some sophistication to your tailgating party with branded porcelain serving/popcorn bowls.

368_1     626_1

Serving chips and cold dip? This dip chiller will keep your dip cold and tasty longer than simply setting it out.


Don’t worry about nosy neighbors who think you are being too fancy for a tailgating party. They are only jealous they don’t have these great pieces for serving their guests and showing their support for their school.

 Gameday Drinking

Gameday tailgaters are known for enjoying a few drinks with their good eats. On a hot day, nothing beats a cold beverage, and these frosted mugs are perfect for keeping your drinks ice cold.

554_1      586_thumb

Need to pop the top on a bottle? A branded bottle opener that fits conveniently in your pocket is the perfect accessory to carry around on gameday.


Stand Out in the Crowd

Be bold! Be different! Accessorize your tailgating party with useful, easy-to-clean, branded items that will show your school spirit and impress your guests!


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