Flaunt Your School Spirit with Unique Treasures for Your Dorm Room

Few things in life are as exciting as decorating your first dorm room. It’s your first home away from home, and you have total creative freedom to decorate the space. With the average size of a dorm room ranging between 100-200 square feet, you don’t have much to work with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw in unique and personal touches to make the space yours. And since you are now part of a university family, branded treasures are a great way to show school spirit and support.

Quenching Your Thirst

For those of you who enjoy hot beverages such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate, forgo the Styrofoam or disposable cups for your own branded coffee mug. It’s small, which makes it easy to clean and store in a small space. It has your university’s logo on it, so you can roam the halls with it and showcase your school spirit.
LSU Coffee Mug         ULL Mug

Taking your beverage on the go? These travel mugs and tumblers are perfect for you to refill throughout the day. They also have a small footprint for easy storage in your dorm room.
LSU Travel Mug Stainless Steel     ULL Trval Tumbler

Are you ready to admit your mom had a point about using coasters at home, much as you were annoyed by her insistence? Nobody likes cup sweat rings on their furniture. Get a couple of branded coasters to protect your furniture and add a touch of elegance to your space.

LSU Football Coaster      532_1

Storing Treasures

Some of the greatest gifts you will get from college are the memories you leave with. Most college students like to collect the little things that matter and spark a memory. What better place to put all of those treasures from your college life than in a “treasures box” with your university logo on it? These great pieces have small footprints so they don’t take up too much of your precious shelf space.

566_2    590_1

Lighting Up the Night

Few people admit to being afraid of the dark. But new places and surroundings can invoke a feeling of uncertainty when the lights go out. Put your mind at ease with nightlights that have your school brand on them to guide your eyes and your feet in the dark. Don’t worry about anyone laughing at you. Others will envy your forethought when they trip over things in the dark.

527_2      614_1

Take It With You When You Go

The best part of decorating your dorm room with these unique, high-quality, branded items is that you can take them with you when you move on from the dorm. Can you say that about most of the pieces you plan to use in decorating your new space? These pieces are timeless and practical, making them perfect for daily use at any point on your journey from freshman student to alumni, and beyond.

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